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A learning platform for business leaders just like you who want to make more money in their business, make more impact and lead in a BIG way.

The Lounge is a place for you to hang out anytime to receive Business and Leadership support with quality trainings so you can move your Business forward and grow without the confusion and overwhelm.

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Hey we are Shenuma and JoJo…

...and we couldn’t be more excited about this new opportunity for business leaders like you who need support and business advice, without having to invest thousands in your growth. We believe that Business doesn’t need to be confusing, if we keep it simple we can grow wildly successful Businesses without the headache so we can focus on leading!


Does this sound like you…

You have a business but you feel confused with what to focus on next?

You feel overwhelmed by all the things you feel like you need to do?

You need someone in your corner to run ideas by so you feel confident in your next move?

You want a coach or mentor but don’t currently have the financial resources to heavily invest?

You feel lonely as an entrepreneur and want to surround yourself with a community of people just like you?

Then The Lounge is for you!

We are so excited about this right now, we cannot wait to see you in The Lounge... and the best thing of all, even if we increase the membership price in the future, you'll be locked in at the price you pay today for life!


What will you get as a member?

A weekly Q&A where you can pick our brains and get our expert Business advice.

A monthly Business Kit that includes an in-depth training and workbook delivered in the Members area to teach you brand new Simple Skills to grow your business and make more money.

A monthly Conscious Leadership Training that is delivered into the members area to support you in leading and making an impact.

Monthly Live Goal Setting & Reflection sessions to be held accountable and keep moving forward.

Weekly exclusive expert interviews so you also learn from others in our ever growing network!

And that’s not it….

You will also have EXCLUSIVE access to an end of year event and Christmas party!

Expect us to bring incredible value in this space. No stone will be unturned when it comes to supporting you.

Your voice matters and as a member we will be listening to what YOU want with an aim to provide.

We envision this to be a space where we learn loads, make money, consciously lead, become business besties and have FUN!

You will also have instant access to a private Facebook community where you start your journey. This will be your new home, a place you feel just as comfortable in as your own Lounge where you could hang out all day with your besties!

What’s the best part of all of this?

That’s just less than £1.77 per day AND if that’s not enough, you aren’t tied in at all. You can leave at anytime so if it’s not for you, you can walk away with no hard feelings!

PLUS as a special offer, if you decide to commit to 12 months with us, we will give you 3 months free for only £397! For anyone who decides to do that gets a 60 minute 1:1 session with us to sky rocket their business from the beginning!

The Lounge offers a Sliding Scale Payment Process to ensure equity and accessibility to our service, just choose the right option for you once you've clicked "Join Now".


Hey, we are Leaders of Change!

A company driven to create change within companies and teams across the globe, co-founded by Shenuma Kashta and JoJo Graham who have 20 years of business experience between them. Our mission is to inspire and encourage a new wave of leaders and entrepreneurs to grow stable and successful businesses and be the change the world needs to see by steering their companies and teams towards inclusion and impact across their industries with intention, integrity and authenticity.

Our philosophy is to cultivate conscious leadership to grow leaders who are committed to creating collaborative, co-creative and unified ecosystems for becoming The Change.

We will use our business to amplify truth and justice to help all people to become autonomous, liberated, and free to rebuild a new world which values unity, equity and inclusion.


Shenuma is a Conscious Leadership Consultant and business mentor who supports entrepreneurs to scale successful enterprises whilst maintaining optimum personal wellbeing. As well as being a happily married mother of four, she is also a multi-award-winning entrepreneur who has worked within the social enterprise sector for 15 years with top emerging business talent and local authority management including the London Development Agency to drive sustainable economic growth within Greater London. Shenuma uses her expertise to consult on conscious business, sustainability and wellbeing for SME's, public and private sector companies for their Corporate Social Responsibility, building their sustainability, workforce wellbeing and conscious thought leadership to increase impact.


At just 30 years old JoJo is not only an expert in Business, having a degree in Business Management and more than 5 years Business experience in Coaching, Mentoring, Event Planning and Marketing, she is also a Mum to her 4 year old son Noah who has been a massive motivation to her personal success. Her passion is Entrepreneurship having grown multiple businesses, products and services over the years that have generated multi 6 figures, however now she is looking to help as many people as possible build their own solid businesses using simple strategies that feel aligned to them so they can make a massive impact in the world through the work they do.

Doing this on your own isn’t easy

Doing this on your own isn’t easy and we know that surrounding yourself with people on the same mission as you AND getting the right support is imperative to your success. We have heavily invested in our business and leadership growth over the last 6 years while being in the online space and we will be packing everything we have learned into this super affordable package for you to grow and lean on us in the process.

You no longer have to struggle along on your own, come and spend some time in the lounge with us!

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Join Now

The Lounge offers a Sliding Scale Payment Process to ensure equity and accessibility to our service, just choose the right option for you once you've clicked "Join Now".


This membership is for service based entrepreneurs who want a simple strategy to take their online business to next level, a community of like minded people and then us: we have the joint experience and expertise to bring your ideas to life! Whether your next goal is to get your first client. Grow to 5 figure months or scale to 6 figures, there will be something for you.

Using it will always be down to you. We can’t do the work for you. However we recognise memberships can be hard to keep up as we have been there ourselves, and it is our mission to make this space as valuable as possible for you so it is your go to place for business support.

No, which is the beauty of the membership. If it isn’t for you you can leave at any time, if you ever wanted to come back though we will welcome you back with open arms.

The highest current investment is £55 per month (£44 or £22 per month if you are on the sliding scale price) and it will never exceed that. We do however review accounts 6 monthly to make sure they are on the right tariff.

The first payment will go out when you sign up then every month thereafter!

The membership doesn’t include 1:1 sessions with us (unless you qualified for a bonus session), however you will have an opportunity to have 1:1 time with JoJo with exclusive affordable packages only available to members.

The content will be a mix of step by step strategies and monthly themes. It will all be stored in the member area which will act like a business library for you to dip in to! At the beginning of every month you will receive a Business Kit and extra trainings will be added as and when needed. It will be very much lead by the members so I provide what is actually wanted and needed.

Don’t worry! It will all be recorded so you can catch up!

Come and spend some time in the lounge with us!

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