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...to access high touch mentoring with JoJo to take your business to the next level!

If you’re anything like me, hanging around great people and consuming valuable content is amazing, but you need something more.

You need someone to hold your hand and get in the trenches with you to support you in your growth.

The Executive Lounge will give you exactly that as I will be able to take a deeper look at your business needs and create specific strategies tailored to you!

When I opened The Simple Business Lounge, I knew that it would be incredibly valuable and THE place to be for entrepreneurs to access Simple Business Strategies, however the vision was never going to stop there.

I knew I had to unlock a space for the entrepreneur who wanted more. The entrepreneur who was obsessed with growth and executing at a high level. The entrepreneur who wasn’t afraid to show up for themselves and their business no matter what. 

That when The Executive Lounge and The VIP Lounge were born.

These lounges will allow me to accelerate your results and fast track you to the business you desire and deserve.



Who is The Executive Lounge for?

You are earning around £1k-£3k in your business and you want to make £5k-£10k per month.

You are ready to scale your business so you move from 1:1 to 1:many!

You feel like you know what to do, you just need an expert who has been there and done it to support you with the next steps.

You want a high touch coach & mentor who you can access 24/7.

Before I worked with JoJo, I was struggling with a structure in my message. I knew what I wanted to do and how I could help my clients but I needed a solid structure on HOW I could reach them and how to offer what I did. Everything felt a bit clunky and not in alignment with my values.

Being on JoJo’s course gave me a structure and system that I could implement into my business that felt totally in alignment with my values and my purpose in helping people recover from narcissistic abuse after divorce or breakup. I’m dealing with vulnerable people and I needed to feel comfortable with what I was offering and I wanted to over deliver to my clients but still run a business. The course has been great in me getting that and the support has been incredible.

I wasn’t expecting to hit £5k in my first full month of business as my goal was to get a solid structure but the fact that I did, and am helping some incredible women now move forward with confidence and passion but in total alignment to me is incredible.

I now have a system in place that I can build on moving forward in my business. The course gave me the content and tweaks in my business to enable me to move forward in helping more people yet still have a successful business.

Thank you JoJo


– Clee Stacy –

I am so excited about this right now because this will allow me to help so many more of you reach your business and income goals, but at an accelerated rate because I will be able to step into your individual business and see exactly where you need support.


Before working with Jojo, my biggest problem were getting consistent clients. I wanted consistency and predictability in my business. I was raring to be consistent! But I didn’t know what IN. I was posting on social media - ad hoc. I wasn’t getting responses and I wasn’t getting clients off social media, although I was there all time. I wasn’t operating from a business mind. I wasn’t strong in my convictions with my business because I wasn’t sure what I was doing was right. I knew my coaching changes lives, but I didn’t know how to get in front of the right people! I didn’t have structure! I felt lost, drifting and frustrated.
I realised whilst I’m blessed to be a life coach who transforms lives daily, I wasn’t yet equipped with being the tools and skills of business. From our first session I got CLARITY! She made me see it’s actually super simple. Create an action plan, do it, and adapt along the way! I had a million things I wanted to do (podcast, blog, vlog, app, book) and was overwhelming myself. She took so much off my plate and left me with simple, actionable and FUN things to do! I now have a content strategy to follow so I’m not stressed. She helped me unravel some mindset issues around consistency, action taking and the fear surrounding it. Now I’m taking committed action daily and seeing the results!

My goal was to create my first £5k month, and after only 2 months I did it! I opened up a FB Group which had been terrifying me. I raised my prices and it felt GOOD and RIGHT. I have structures that I actually love because I don’t have to THINK about it. It’s just rinse and repeat - see results! I love you Jojo! Thank you so much for everything!


– Caroline –

What will you get as an Executive or VIP member?


Free access to The Simple Business Lounge content.

Access to a private mastermind area especially for the Executive and VIP members.

Weekly group mentoring sessions with 2 times to choose from where you get as much air time as you need (Thursdays at 2pm or Fridays at 10am)

Weekly accountability to support you in achieving your goals and staying consistent.

24/7 support with JoJo where she will prioritise supporting your business by diving into your funnels, copy, strategies and any other business needs.

Exclusive Executive Lounge trainings designed to grow and scale your business to £10k months.


Everything above, plus:

A monthly personalised 1:1 Business Strategy Session.

Free tickets to all live events and workshops.

£500 discount off the Santorini 2020 retreat if you wish to come!

Priority access to opportunities that arise with my network, such as speaking and introductions to high profile people I know.


What’s the best part about this?

It’s not thousands and thousands to invest to get this level of support. After being in the industry for a while and knowing how extortionate it can be to invest in mentors and coaches (I have personally invested £50k+ in my growth in the last 2 years) I wanted to keep the investment of this within industry standards and totally accessible to you for where you’re at!

For only £475 a month you will get high level mentoring that will triple your income, grow your business and put you in a strong position to scale to 6 figures.

Before working with JoJo I had spent the last 8 months setting up my coaching and mentoring business. Figuring out the tech piece as well as who I could best serve. I had amazing clients I was working with But I'd had a launch that had failed because I wasn't totally aligned with it (Too busy watching what others were doing) and I couldn't see how I could fit the 10K a month I'd set as my goal.

What I love about JoJo is her calm approach which is part of her nature. What you see is what you get which means I stopped running at everything with anxiety and instead we worked through a plan she had experience of and tweaked it to fit my personality as well as the goals I had. It's helped me see that anything is possible, a one dimensional approach doesn't fit everyone and that is why she's so successful because she focuses on what will work for you, which has resulted in me hitting my first month not of 10K but £12.5k! It felt easy, it flowed and it wasn't a push.

I'm still working with jojo because I have new goals and I know she's the right person to help me achieve them.


– Melanie Brooks –

Why me?

Created an online income that has supported me for almost 5 years.

Generated 6 Figures within the first year of starting my coaching business and scaled to multi 6 figures in year 2. ​

Helped hundreds of other Female Entrepreneurs create success and fulfilment in their life and business.

Travelled internationally with my business as well as hosting international retreats.

Grown an audience of 7000+ women on a number of platforms.

​Organised and hosted many events and workshops with the largest being for 800 people.

​Personally mentored by High Level Coaches and Mentors within the industry.

​A number 1 Best Selling co-author of a book called How She Did It.

Featured in a number of national press including The Daily Mail and Wales Online.

Doing this on your own isn’t easy

Doing this on your own isn’t easy OR necessary.

Ever since I started my coaching business 2 and a half years ago, I have always made sure I have been a part of masterminds, had access to coaches and mentors and made investing in myself and my business a priority. There is no coincidence I made 6 figures in my first year and grew to multi 6 figures in year 2, and now year 3. Having the right support is so important in the growth of your business and I can’t wait to help you in 2019!

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The Executive Lounge is for anyone looking to grow their business from £1k-£3k per month, to £5k-£10k per month and need extra support to make it happen.

The VIP Lounge is for anyone who wants the extra 1:1 access with JoJo to fast track their business to £10k per month.

Of course, you can upgrade to become a VIP at anytime to have access to the 1:1 support.

Don’t worry the mentoring sessions will be recorded and posted in the group on the same day.

The minimum time commitment is 3 months, then it is a month rolling so you can choose to stop at any time after that.

There are no plans to increase the investment right now, however if this changes, you will keep the £475 for as long as you’re a member.

You will have 1:1 access to me if you opt in to the VIP lounge. You can upgrade at any time!

The main difference is the level of access you will have to me. In the Executive Lounge

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